Moving In / Out

The following is a list of general policies and procedures for you to reference if you should have any questions regarding your residence.

After Hours Emergency Number: (734) 994-7374 ext 105

General Policies:

  • Rent is due and payable on the first day of each month and late charges are assessed in accordance with your lease agreement. You may mail rent or leave rent checks in the after hours drop box / mailbox located by our front door at 2350 S. Huron Parkway. We also offer online rent payment through the eCabrio section of our website. If you need a receipt for rent, we recommend that you come to the office during normal business hours. We accept cash, money orders, and personal checks for payment of rent. Please do not leave cash in the drop box.
  • Please setup an account on eCabrio through our website. This will allow you to input any maintenance requests as well as check your account balance and pay rent online.
  • Prior to moving in, please contact DTE Energy at 1-800-477-4747 to arrange for electric and gas service(if applicable to your lease) to be turned on in your name. If you fail to do so, DTE may shut off the power to your unit.
  • You can also contact Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST to setup cable TV and internet services.
  • Upon receiving your keys, you will receive an inventory checklist that should be filled out, signed, and returned to the office within 7 days of your move-in. We recommend that all residents make a copy of the inventory checklist for their records. If you do not return the inventory checklist, you could be held responsible for damage charges that may not have been your responsibility.
  • If you have maintenance items that need to be addressed, please use our online maintenance system (eCabrio) to input them. We prefer all maintenance requests be put in online unless there is a major emergency. Our online system will ensure that your request is properly in our database and our service technicians are notified in the field. Please use common sense when using the after hours emergency line. Examples of emergency situations are as follows: (no heat during winter months, roof leaks, flooding, lack of water, or fire)
    The parking lot is for residents only and visitor parking is not permitted. All cars in the lot should have a valid parking permit on display at all times. Please park only in the space that you were assigned to and do not park in another resident’s space, in non parking designated areas, or in front of the building dumpsters. Grills or other cooking appliances are not permitted in any of our buildings.
  • Please take all trash to the dumpsters and dispose of accordingly on the designated day for your property.
  • To insure proper mail delivery, please label the inside back wall of your mailbox with your name and address. The US Postal Service has requested that names should not appear on the exterior portion of the mailboxes. If there are no names listed on the interior of the mailbox, you will not receive your mail.
  • Other commonly used phone numbers:
    • Fire or Police Emergency: 911
    • Comcast Cable: 1-800-266-2278
    • Ann Arbor Police (Non-emergency): 734-794-6911
    • AT&T: 1-800-727-2273
  • You must be moved out by noon on the end date of your lease.
  • When you move out, please make sure you have all of your keys AND parking permit (make sure you don’t forget mailbox, laundry room, and all apartment keys.
  • Please place all keys in an envelope marked with your name(s) and apartment # on the outside with a note with all of your current contact information and forwarding address where you would like your security deposit mailed back to (if you have 2 people in the apartment, please leave both of your information).
    • You can drop off keys at our office (put in our green mailbox if we aren’t there). Make sure you have them in an envelope with your apartment number.
    • Also, include forwarding addresses for security deposit return.
  • Security deposits will be processed within 30 days of your lease expiration.
  • You must drop off the envelope at our office at 2350 S. Huron Parkway  – Ann Arbor, MI 48104.
    • We are on Huron Parkway just south of Washtenaw (We share a driveway with Kindercare).
    • If no one is here, you can place it into our locked mailbox next to the front doors.

Cleaning Criteria: (if you want to receive your cleaning deposit back, the apartment should be in move in condition and cleaned in a professional quality manner to the fullest extent)

If you do not do a thorough job and we have to send in a cleaning crew, you will forfeit your entire cleaning deposit.

Please pay close attention to the details. Items often not cleaned well enough by tenants are oven/stove/microwave, bathtub, sinks, inside of cupboards, and refrigerator.

  • Stove – oven and top burner section thoroughly cleaned
  • Refrigerator  – Make sure it is fully cleaned, both inside and out and all items are removed.
  • Bathroom – thoroughly cleaned, especially toilet, floors, sinks, faucets, tub, and shower walls.  Make sure ALL soap scum and mildew are removed from the tub and shower walls.
  • Rugs – completely vacuumed (move furniture for a thorough job)
  • Kitchen – scrub the floor, clean sinks, clean counters, inside cupboards, behind and around appliances, and spattered walls around the stove area.  Clean inside of oven and microwave thoroughly.
  • Windows – wash inside as well as ledges.
  • Trash – remove all trash from the apartment

Trash & Large Item / Furniture Disposal: You cannot dispose of any large items or furniture on the premises of the property. You must take them to a drop off facility or contract for someone to come pick them up. Any large items left on the property or around the dumpster or curb that we need to dispose of, we will charge no less than a $175 fee to do so in addition to any fees or fines we are assessed by the city.  The city is VERY strict as to what they will take and they will not take any items other than the standard household trash that will fit within the dumpster or trash containers without overflowing them.

Detailed information can be found below from the city:

All refuse must be placed inside trash carts, trash dumpsters or recycling bins. All loose debris is subject to tickets and fines. You must make your own disposal arrangements through private haulers or the Drop-Off Station to handle your bulky wastes, such as furniture, TV’s, mattresses, electronics and overflowing trash.

Holes in walls: any holes you have made in walls for items such as (televisions, shelves, hanging pictures or art), must be restored back to like new condition. This may require the use of drywall patch materials as well as paint and must be done in a professional manner. You may need to paint the entire wall in order to get it to blend as just touching paint up may not be sufficient.

Light Bulbs: It is your responsibility to maintain the light bulbs throughout your unit during the term of your lease. Please make sure there are no burnt out light bulbs upon move out to avoid any charges.

Smoke Detector: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have not removed and you have properly maintained the battery in your smoke detector during your residency. Please make sure your smoke detector is properly working with a good battery upon move out to avoid any charges for us to do so.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Cabrio Properties