Ann Arbor, Residential Listings

Ann Arbor Residential Listings

I have spent several weeks visiting in the office. I can’t believe HOW PERSONAL and FRIENDLY everyone is. I have seen the manager go out of her way to make all the residents feel comfortable and help them out in any way she can. The building is kept clean and is quiet every time I walk around. It’s been a few years since I have been in Ann Arbor. I can’t believe how much it has changed. Corner House is so CLOSE to campus and downtown. There are a ton of shops within walking distance. I recommend Corner House to anyone who wants a clean place to live and close to campus and downtown.



I have managed Corner House since it first opened in the fall of 2004 and want to thank all of the great residents that I have had the honor of providing a place to call home.


★★★★★, Manager / Corner House

They thoroughly screen applicants and do their due diligence of perspective tenants up front to minimize problems down the line.
Alex T.

★★★★★, Diligent / Insider Pages Review

We couldn’t be happier with the living environment that Corner House Apartments offer. We are very happy tenants with no complaints.
M C.

★★★★★, 5 Star housing. / Insider Pages Review

Had a great experience working with these guys. I never doubted them. They were very understanding of the situation and professional.
Bryce B.

★★★★★, Excellent to work with. / Insider Pages Review